“Butter! Give me butter! Always butter!”

by Steve Stroup

“Du beurre ! Donnez-moi du beurre!

Toujours du beurre!”

So exclaimed no less a culinary luminary than the great Fernand Point, and we share that acclaimed chef’s enthusiasm for butter, whether for baking, for cooking or merely for enjoying at room temperature spread on good French bread.

Check out the inspiration on Vermont Creamery’s Instagram page – It’s divine!

Goods is pleased to offer several excellent brands, including Vermont Creamery, crafted from cream provided by the St. Albans Cooperative, a co-op of over 500 Vermont family farms. This cultured, European-style butter manages to achieve an outstanding 86% butterfat content and offers a delicate fragrance and luscious flavor and texture.

Try, too, our Delitia Butter of Parma, produced from the milk of farms in Parma and Reggio Emilia, Italy, and featuring a dense, smooth consistency and delicious flavor.

photo credit: Delitia.com

Feeling adventurous? Try Delitia’s buffalo milk butter.  We find that it’s distinct, pronounced flavor is particularly nice on crusty, peasant-style bread.

Finally, we carry the Plugra line of butters, both salted and unsalted, crafted through a slow-churned process that results in lower moisture content, higher butter-fat levels, and a far creamier texture than found in regular supermarket brands.

Butter is made even better (if that is even a thing) when accessorized! We have a wonderful selection of  butter dishes and butter bells, along with spreaders, molds, and cutters.  While you are grabbing your butter, why not peek at our selection of herbs to make a flavored butter or jams for the perfect treat?


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