Michael W Twitty holding dish of black-eyed-peas

Black History, Heritage, Culture, and Foodways are American History

The cold, stillness of February seems to have swept in and quieted our already too quiet town, but there is a beauty to the stillness – the sun which seems more present these past few weeks floods our normally dark North facing home and branches coated with moisture twinkle in its warmth.

Despite the quiet streets, I’m always surprised when arriving at the shop to a low buzz of shoppers chatting about their latest bakes and cooking adventures.  Let me tell you, there is no one thing, no trend, that we can point to locally.  While the latest TikTok viral sensation recipe has everyone baking feta and its Finnish creator Jenni Häyrinen enjoying its third wave of popularity – you, my dear Bloomingtonians, cook EVERYTHING. . . The stillness of February also ushers in an opportunity to delve deeper into Black History – and there is such depth and wonder to behold.  Black history, heritage, culture, and foodways are American history.  Carve out some time to explore the different ways contributions of black heritage in the culinary arts are being brought to light, honored, and preserved.  We’ve done some legwork to get you started: listen to a myriad of black historians and culinary influencers with the help of a curated list of talks or dive deeper into the experience of regional cuisines, ingredients, and lessons live with historian Michael W. Twitty’s Shared Soul course.  MORE


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