Cast-iron cookware lovers, rejoice! FINEX has arrived.


Goods is pleased to announce we?ve just taken delivery on a shipment of some of the most exquisite cast-iron cookware available anywhere. It comes to us from?Finex, an Oregon company.

Photo: FINEX Instagram @finexcookware

Featuring exceptionally thick castings to optimize searing, ergonomic spring handles that remain cool so you can more easily grip the pan, and a cooking surface that is polished and pre-seasoned to be, and to remain, as smooth and slick as a sheet of ice.

We believe in companies which stand behind their products and the?Finex?guarantee says it all: ?Guaranteed Good Forever?and that includes your happiness. If you?re not completely happy with your?FINEX?product we’ll take it back, no questions asked.? Who dare ask for more?


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