vanilla honey

Current Obsession: Vanilla Honey

We asked Salem what her current food obsession is and she answered pretty quickly:

“Vanilla honey,” Salem replied. “A customer turned me on to this item recently and it’s fantastic. Adding a teaspoon of vanilla to baked goods such as chocolate chip cookies or cakes?enhances the flavors and sweetness. Adding it to a cup of tea does the same thing, it accentuates all of the floral, fruity, or spicy flavors of you’re favorite teas. We have a vanilla honey from Republic of Tea that is rich and creamy. It pairs well with many of the teas we carry. I especially like it in my cinnamon cardamom, earl grey, and ginger teas.”

Not a tea drinker? Try a little honey in your coffee. Yes, coffee. Honey makes a great alternative to sugar and will pull out subtle flavors in coffee as well. Give it a taste at the shop with our honey tasting bar and complimentary tea and coffee every day.


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