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Double Down: Nourish with Ritual and Food

Admit it, you get wrapped up in the imaginary line we all seem to draw in the sand demarcating December 31st from the start of a new year.  Just like us, despite your gut, you had flickerings of hope that the turmoil, suffering, and discomfort of 2020 could be put behind us and some relief would dawn with the rising sun on the first of January.  It took all of six days to leave us muttering, “well, that escalated quickly” as we realized 2021 apparently felt the need to say to 2020 “hold my beer”.  All teasing aside, there is nothing comical about where we find ourselves in the body politic as a people or a nation, and to complicate matters, a pandemic still rages.  How are your stress levels?

We have decided to double down on our deeply held belief that nourishing oneself through ritual and food has the power to connect us to others, to bridge differences, and to walk in another’s shoes.  Far from the land of pollyannish ideals and denying real life and death problems, the effort to feed energy into our intentions is an effort to strengthen our resolve.  As we keep one eye on the mounting problems of the world, we ensure we have the energy to not turn away, to make the hard decisions, to help where we can, and to do our part to limit the spread of the pandemic.

In this issue, we offer encouragement to DIY your spice cabinet, combine what may be unusual flavors in a cake, and to add a new drink to your afternoon ritual.  Rather than denying yourself this month, perhaps you can crowd out indulgent eating by elevating the dinner salad or making small-batch desserts.  MORE


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