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Local Maker Spotlight: Jessica Healey of Pronounce Skincare


The Goods for Cooks Pop-Up Series

Bloomington based Pronounce Skincare and herbal boutique is the result of owner Jessica Healey’s passionate search for personal wellness. ?After struggling with her own skin conditions, and having a child diagnosed with a similar condition, Jessica began blogging about her journey. ?Her Scratchmommy blog immediately struck a chord with others in search of natural skincare and Pronounce was born. ?We are big fans of her products which contain, almond oil, lavender, carrot extracts and other natural items that are, well, basically FOOD!

Now a triple threat, Jessica offers an online shop, a gorgeous boutique in downtown Bloomington with ready-made and raw ingredients, and provides DIY recipes on her blog and stations in her shop to empower others on their wellness journeys.

Jessica joins us this month for an in-store mini pop-up where she will sample some of her favorite products and answer questions.

Goods for Cooks

Saturday, August 25th

Time: To Be Announced?


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