Mosquito Supper Club Cookbook next to a pacesetting

For the Love of the Cookbook

Bookshelves continue to have a moment, am I right?  If anything emerged from obscurity in 2020 it was the bookshelf. Wait, did you expect to open a newsletter filled with recipes for decadent chocolate glazed tarts and crème brûlée, and celebrations of pink?  Ok, you wouldn’t have been that off-base.  We do love a dessert that requires setting something ablaze – there are plenty of torches, ramekins, and Valrhona chocolate in stock, along with a fabulous selection of fondue pots if we do say so ourselves.  Sorry, I digress.  Back to the bookshelf.

One cannot help but notice the plethora of bookshelves having their day in the sun (ahem, in the Zoom-o-sphere).  Currently, I have two favorites; Eddie Glaude, Jr. and Eugene Robinson.  Professor Glaude turns his books outwards so the viewer can easily make their reading lists – and Mr. Robinson splits his background; books on one side and the work of his amazing artist of a wife on the other.  Bookshelves are a declaration of our interests, shelter to the stories we wish to remember, or for those of us who buy books and never get around to reading them, aspirational podiums?

One might think in this world requiring technology to connect and communicate that the book would lose its power over us. Before the onset of Covid, it was feared by some that the cookbook might even find itself in the same place as the yellow Sony walkman and telegraph – made obsolete by apps, food blogs, YouTube, and the like. MORE 


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