Flora Sheldon's Photo of Scottish Rooftops in Winter

How Do We Make It Special? Burn It!

“How do we make it special?” This inquiry, from my soon-to-be 15-year-old regarding her birthday celebration, has been bouncing around my head for a while now.  How do you make things special when winter has set in and well, most adventures involving travel or gathering are off the table?  Here at the shop, we’ve been encouraging the cultivation of small rituals.  Why shouldn’t we be carving out time each day to create special moments? Why should we wait for the big birthdays or holidays? In her book, Every Day is Saturday, Sarah Copeland laments about the carefree relaxed feelings which seem so accessible on holiday or the weekends, yet elusive as hell every other moment of our days. Why should we settle for this?

This year, we endeavor to make birthdays and holidays as special as possible, to add in daily rituals that fill our tanks, but also to seek out the addition of even more reasons to celebrate.  To that end, shall we begin with a Burns Night Supper?

Most of us, unknowingly or not, are familiar with poet Robert Burns’ work, Auld Lang Syne.  Lovers of literature and poetry will know Burns as arguably the greatest Scottish Poet ever.  Fans of the show Parks and Rec will know him as the writer of “O Were My Love Yon Lilac Fair” recited by Ron Swanson on a Scottish cliff in the series finale.  If you are neither of the latter two, it is neither here nor there – do you love good food, a wee dram, and loathe Mondays? Then you are in luck, Mr. Burns’ birthday is Monday, January 25th and it is the perfect excuse to dive into all things Scottish and celebrate for no particular reason (ok, technically, the reason is his birthday, but you get the point).

Burns Night Suppers began as a way for his friends to commemorate his life several years after his passing and have continued each year since. MORE


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