Meet the Goods Team


What’s your favorite dish to cook? “I love to bake unfussy things – I call it artisanal baking which basically means it can look ugly & I can say it is just rustic. Cakes, cookies, bars, pies, cobblers etc.”

What’s your favorite food in Bloomington, Sam? “Do cocktails count? Currently it’s a tie between the Bacon Bloody Mary & Crimson Sour at Quaff On.”


Why food? “You gotta eat. Eating well and enjoying it just makes sense.”

George, what would be your last meal? “Some sort of seafood w/fresh vegetables and herbs prepared using French, Italian, or Spanish techniques.”

And your favorite item in the store? “It varies from month to month.  Currently cast iron, cutlery, and cutting boards are favorites.”


Does Jill have a spirit animal? YES. “The hummingbird we both flit from one thing to another, chattering all the time.”

What’s her favorite childhood food? “My mother’s beef and noodles, which were always served on mashed potatoes, starch on starch!”


Why food, Meg? “I truly believe you are what you eat. I eat high quality food, organic when possible.”

Favorite cookbook? “Original Moosewood”

Something cool about Meg? She has dual citizenship – US & Ireland.


Salem, what is your favorite Bloomington food right now? “King Dough pizza, the one with the hot honey. Whoever put honey on pizza is my hero.”

What is something quirky about you? “I only have tattoos of fruit.”


What is your favorite item in the store, Jacob? “Jill.”

And your favorite dish to cook? “Chicken soup from scratch.”

Why food? “Why not?”

Do you have a spirit animal? “Fox.”


Why food, Steve? “Because it is so satisfying to both the mind and the senses, and it provides a wonderful focal point for visiting with friends and family.”

Do you have a spirit animal? “The mighty jackalope.”

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