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Meet the Maker: Enzo Oil’s Vincent Ricchiuti


Vincent Ricchiuti is Director of Operations at ENZO Olive Oil Co. and a fourth-generation farmer in California’s San Joaquin Valley.  A consummate foodie with a commitment to organic agriculture, Vincent is the torchbearer for a family trying to change American perceptions of extra virgin olive oil.

How did you get into food?

My story with food starts with my grandmother Louise Petrosino. She was and continues to be my inspiration for food and for bringing friends and family together to share a meal and a story.

How much does your regional culture and geography influence your business??

Both sides of my family come from farming regions in Italy and when they immigrated to the United States, they settled in the fertile San Joaquin Valley because of its rich agriculture soil.

What is the most creative use of your product?

Baking. I love when my wife Ashley finds new ways of baking olive oil into our favorite desserts. When the team from Broken Spanish LA featured our Delicate extra virgin olive oil in their Choco-Taco it was an immediate favorite!

What?s your favorite product in your lineup?

My favorite olive oil is our Medium. It is the most versatile oil. The Arbosana variety was best known for being a blending oil until our milling team started winning awards with the oil as a single variety. It is now our best seller and our most awarded oil.

What is one thing about your business that people are unlikely to know??

When we mill our olive oil, our milling team and I taste test our olive oil every hour of production. We want to make sure our customers get only the best olive oil possible so we take great care in making sure we are always locked in during harvest.

It?s your last meal on earth, what are you eating and drinking??

This answer would definitely change with each season. However, right now as the weather is turning to Fall, I would love to make chicken cacciatore. It has been a tradition of Ashley and mine to make this dish during the Fall, but especially on Halloween. Greeting all the trick or treaters with the aroma chicken cacciatore in the background is always fun!




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