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The Beauty that Remains

As the year comes to a close and we begin to look forward, many of us are tempted to reinvent our lives.  There is a sense of hope and energy which is lovely and hints at the potential of life.  But let’s not kid ourselves, there are also empty wallets and gray skies.  This can be challenging.

When it comes to our homes, these colder, grayer months invite us to nest and rest.  Wrapping ourselves in the comfort of home is the perfect opportunity to cook, bake, and ground in our surroundings.  

At the shop, it is time to take stock, inventory, look back at the year gone by, and plan for the year ahead.  The shelves feel empty and things seem picked over.  Standing in the shop this week, I felt as though every nook and cranny needed to be sorted.  It was a little overwhelming.

We began the work of removing holiday items, folding and straightening linens, and organizing tools and a theme seemed to emerge.  There is a lot of beauty in what remains if you shift your perspective.  

The pink Mason Cash bowls caught my eye along with the French linens with a whimsical Volkswagon motif.  Soon, this little vignette was pulled together, replacing a sea of red and green – all from items sprinkled about the shop.  No new order had to be placed.  And that is just the point.  Our homes, our lives, even our pantries already contain potential and beauty.  Perhaps a new combination has to be attempted, or one new pillow, spice, or towel is needed to bring it together, but in the end, the beauty is waiting for us to finally see it.  

This month, take a fresh look around your home.  Take stock of your pantry.  What is needed to pull together what may feel old, unwanted, or lacking?  We are willing to bet there is more there than meets the eye.  We invite you to stop by the shop for inspiration – grab some lovely olive oil, a spice, or brightly colored towel to tie it all together and inspire you in 2019.

Happy nesting,



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