The “Cooking Supply Store Rush” Inspires Ruth Cohen’s Imagination!

Fellow yoga teacher and contributor the Limestone Post, Ruth Cohen shares with us the?visceral ?”rush” of stepping into Goods for Cooks. ?Ruth and Goods co-owner Samantha Eibling share a love of teaching mindfulness through yoga and preparing food from scratch.?? Author of the monthly column?Stirring the Pot on the Bloomington area online magazine – Limestone Post, Ruth also dedicates herself to teaching at both Ekah and Vibe yoga studios, and her newest career of devoted grandmother.

Visit the shop for all your baking needs. Pictured above: Mason Cash batter bowl, Mason Cash baking pan, Le Creuset bowl, Tovolo spatula in lime, and Epicurean cutting board.

It happens every time. ?My eyes dart about. ?My heart beats a bit faster. ?I might even be ever so slightly hyperventilating. ?I can only describe it as the Cooking Supply Store Rush. ?All those gadgets and tins. That colorful crockery. Shapely baskets and bowls just waiting to be filled. So many possibilities.

I always linger around the baking pans. Whether round or square or rectangular they seduce me with their potential. They speak to me of fresh baked goods, cozy suppers, laughter, and friends.

Here?s one of my favorite go-to recipes? just waiting to be baked in a special pan.


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