Turquoise Staub Cocotte with Squash Soup on cutting board


When it comes to cookware, there is definitely a proper pan for every purpose. Finding the perfect pan is as easy as knowing what you like to eat and exploring where you want to take your cooking. Well made cookware tailored to your cooking style and needs is preferred over a one size fits all…

knife roll


“A kitchen without a knife is not a kitchen” – Masaharu Morimoto There are few tools in a kitchen more important than a good quality chef’s knife.  Investing in a knife that feels balanced in your hand and keeps a good edge will transform your experience with preparing food.  Forget what your mama told you…

USA Pan rectangular baking pan with eggs and spices


This area of your kitchen can be as edited or adventurous as you’d like, but we can assure you that a good quality baking pan will transform all aspects of your cooking.  Like a good pot or pan, bakeware should provide even heat and consistency in the final product. Whether you simply want the basics,…

Bar Knife with Cut Crystal Tumblers, Bittermilk Tonic and bitters


The home bar is ripe with opportunity to express creativity and connect with others.  From the simple to the complex, mixing a well balanced cocktail can enhance a meal or be the star of an evening at home.  Here you’ll find the necessities to measure, pour, and open as well as the unique pieces which…

cutting boards stacked with serving utensils

Cutting Boards & Woodenware

We are big fans of metal, textiles, and wood – and no kitchen is complete without a high quality wood board.  They’re naturally hygienic, versatile, and last forever with proper care. Go beyond food prep and create charcuterie platters, unique ways to serve fish and meats, as well as baked goods.

yellow towels


A visit to our shop will reveal a not so closely held secret – we are wild for textiles.  Cloth napkins, runners, and tablecloths instantly elevate a meal. While the traditional bar mop or microfiber towels make quick work of cleaning and a flour sack is instrumental in baking and drying veggies or glassware –…

whisks and bar tools

Tools & Gadgets

The best tools & gadgets for a well-stocked kitchen. “In department stores, so much kitchen equipment is bought indiscriminately by people who just come in for men’s underwear.” – Julia Child With a wall full of tools and gadgets (and no underwear) we certainly understand the desire to buy one of everything, but in reality,…

cleaning tools

Home Care

Time-saving products that make the time tending to your home a little bit easier and dare we say enjoyable. You can trust these products to work wonders around your home from tidying tools and food preservation to fine towels and linens.

red Cuisinart mixer

Small Appliances

We stock the classic brands of small kitchen appliances that you know and love with a mix of modern essentials. Save time and energy by building an appliance collection that will benefit your cooking style in the kitchen.

Assorted green and pink ceramic and glass dishes

Table Top

The days of matching sets and fine china have been swept aside with bold mixes of old and new, as well as pattern and texture on the modern table.  From classic white to unique pieces, it is easy than ever to be creative as you gather at the table.

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