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The New Age of Cast Iron

Cast iron is famed for even heat distribution, durability and sear potential. Known as one of the very best cooking surfaces life has to offer, it is hard to believe cast iron can be improved upon. With a deep respect for craftsmanship and tradition, these makers are ushering in a new age of cast iron. ?As a result, people are rediscovering the benefits of cast iron cooking. ?We invite you to discover the beauty in these new heritage pieces. ?We promise you will want to hand them down to future generations.



Nest Homeware Dutch Oven inspired by the beauty of nature moves easily from oven to table.

Based in Rhode Island, Nest Homeware is a small cast iron company focused on craftsmanship and design. ?Industrial Design artist Matt Cavallaro blends his love of nature with function in each piece. ?The handle is crafted as an abstraction of a Cherry?tree branch which also promotes heat dispersion. ?The bronze hue, rust resistance, and nonstick qualities of the pans are produced when seasoned with flaxseed oil. ?Nest cast iron is a reflection of efficient beauty.



Rooted in an obsession for the tradition of quality craftsmanship, Finex is handcrafting cast iron in Portland, Oregon. Each pan is made by ?twelve hands and just about as many people,? through a process of melting quality iron using temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees. With a distinctly modern design, the iron is polished to an easy release surface. ?The ergonomic spring handles stay cooler to the touch while cooking. These pans are as beautiful as fine jewelry, but strong enough to last a lifetime.





Combekk,?the only company producing Dutch Ovens in the Netherlands, crafts cast iron dutch ovens that tell the story of Dutch railways. Each piece is fully enameled made entirely from recycled materials with a tough and functional design of the highest quality. An integrated thermometer is a unique option in their dutch oven line.? Made in the Netherlands, inspired by the railways, and recycled – ?what?s not to love?





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