Explore our selection of high-quality stainless & iron cookware, fine knives, kitchen gadgets, baking necessities, small electrics, cocktail & entertainment provisions, coffee & tea implements, cutting boards, tableware, linens, storage containers, cookbooks, and more.

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We offer a selection of fine food including fresh cheese, cured meat, imported pasta, oils and vinegar from around the world, spices, jams, jellies, sauces, smoked fish, coffee beans, chocolate, and teas.

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From gift registry to knife sharpening, our friendly and knowledgeable team is dedicated to meeting your specific needs and helping you care for your investments.

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Established in 1973, Goods for Cooks serves up quality kitchenware, gifts, and fine food. As a destination for food culture and a southern Indiana landmark, Goods, as it is commonly referred to, is a celebration of all things food.

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At Goods, we are well known for a robust & quality selection of kitchenware – but we also have the good eats. From locally roasted coffee beans to imported oils & vinegar, our selection is sure to please the most discerning palettes. Food lovers will find all the makings of a beautiful charcuterie tray in our cooler, and for the dry pantry; sweet & savory snacks, sauces & spices for every meal, handmade imported pasta, artisanal teas, and so much more.

Eat well & eat often. Learn more here.

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For the Love of the Cookbook

For the Love of the Cookbook

Bookshelves continue to have a moment, am I right?  If anything emerged from obscurity in 2020 it was the bookshelf. Wait, did you expect to open a newsletter filled with recipes for decadent chocolate glazed tarts and crème brûlée, and celebrations of pink?  Ok, you wouldn’t have been that off-base.  We do love a dessert that requires setting something…

Black History, Heritage, Culture, and Foodways are American History

Black History, Heritage, Culture, and Foodways are American History

The cold, stillness of February seems to have swept in and quieted our already too quiet town, but there is a beauty to the stillness – the sun which seems more present these past few weeks floods our normally dark North facing home and branches coated with moisture twinkle in its warmth. Despite the quiet…

How Do We Make It Special? Burn It!

How Do We Make It Special? Burn It!

“How do we make it special?” This inquiry, from my soon-to-be 15-year-old regarding her birthday celebration, has been bouncing around my head for a while now.  How do you make things special when winter has set in and well, most adventures involving travel or gathering are off the table?  Here at the shop, we’ve been…

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